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Dr. Harmony Satre is a Clinical Psychologist, neuropsychologist and Qualified Medical Evaluator. As a Licensed Psychologist in three states (ID, WA, and CA) Dr. Satre has over 15 years of clinical practice specializing in child, adolescent and adult neuropsychological assessment, with particular focus on the assessment of learning disabilities, traumatic brain injury and mood disorders. Dr. Satre also provides forensic assessment and expert witness testimony in the areas of child development and early childhood attachment and bonding.

Dr. Satre earned her MA and  PsyD in Clinical Psychology from the American School of Professional Psychology, San Francisco Bay Area Campus, in 2007 (APA Accredited).  She earned her Bachelors in both Psychology and Anthropology from the University of Washington, 2005.

Additionally, Dr. Satre has held a number of positions which have strengthened her clinical and assessment skills. She has served a clinical psychology graduate program as core faculty, has chaired and worked on a number of dissertation committees, has worked as co-director of a university-run assessment training clinic and has continued to supervise and train other clinicians by taking on psychological assistants in her practice. She also taught graduate level courses in psychodiagnostic assessment as both an associate and adjunct professor from 2009 through 2020. 

Dr. Satre is active in her peer community, and has served as an officer on past directory boards, including the Alameda County Psychological Association, and served a 3-year term as President Elect, President, and Immediate Past President of the Board of Directors for the Northern California Neuropsychology Forum. Dr. Satre continues to speak regularly at conferences and provide training on topics related to assessment.  

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